Losing power

Awoke this morning to the whine of our generator powering the house. We apparently lost power sometime in the wee morning hours and the Guardian generator did its job, starting on its own and restoring electricity.

This makes the fourth extended power outage in our area in the past year, including the storm earlier this year that kept our generator humming for 96 hours.

According to a 6:14 a.m. story on The Roanoke Times web site:

6,179 customers in Southwest Virginia are without power this morning, according to Appalachian Power.

They represent approximately 1.2 percent of the 521,253 customers in the six counties affected.

AEP puts the total at 6,203. The outage covers Bland, Floyd, Montgomery, Patrick, Pulaski and Wythe counties. According to the AEP power outage section on their web site we are among 512 customers without power in Floyd County.

Hard to know more. Only Channel 7 has a local Sunday morning newscast and it doesn’t come on unitl 8. Our local television stations never heard of the concept of expanding coverage during critical weather times.

UPDATE: 6:50 a.m. Floyd County outage up one to 513. Regional totals down to 5,012.

UPDATE: 7:55 a.m. Regional totals up to 5,880. Floyd County up to 527.

UPDATE: 8:00 a.m. The storm may be over but power outage totals are heading up, not down. Regional totals now at 7,601. Floyd up to 530.

UPDATE: 10:39 a.m. Floyd power outages now at 679. Regional total: 7,846.

UPDATE: 4:00 p.m. Floyd power outages now at 458. Regional total: 7,336. Our power still out so we have electricity courtesy of Guardian, not AEP.

UPDATE: 6:50 p.m. Floyd County power outages now at 243 (including Chateau Thompson). Southwestern Virginia at 3,361,

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