Graffiti with punctuation

Elliott Gould in the movie "Contagion."
Elliott Gould in the movie “Contagion.”

In the movie “Contagion,” Elliott Gould plays a scientist investigating a deadly virus.  In  a confrontation with a scandal-sheet style blogger, Gould says:  “Blogging isn’t writing. It’s graffiti with punctuation.”

Sometimes, one can find a kernel of truth in the fantasy world of a Hollywood film.

Graffiti with punctuation.  In too many cases, that phrase can be applied to more than just blogging.  It’s all too true of journalism as well.

Too often, my chosen profession has become a venue for gossip, innuendo and spin, not information and truth.  The cable news service with the largest audience is — by far — Fox News Channel, which is neither a purveyor of truth or a serious practitioner of journalism, ast least not the kind of journalism I was taught many years ago.

Even on network TV, the Sunday news talk shows are no longer programs designed to get to truth. They are merely platforms for spin artists from both parties to appear and provide their own twisted versions of the facts.

Again, graffiti with punctuation.

So, is there a place in this world for straightforward, unbiased journalism?

Good question.

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