The jive over java at the Blue Ridge says Citizens Telephone is negotiating with Radio Shack to join them at their space in The Village Green in Floyd.

For once, rumors are true. A Citizens executive confirms that they are, indeed, talking with the electronics retailer about the Texas electronics giant becoming a partner at their storefront location.

Talking is one thing. Making it a reality is something else again. A lot of details would need to be worked out and some hurdles overcome — including the town’s restrictive (and not always uniformly enforced) signing ordinance.

Some might view the arrival of a chain retailer as a negative but Floyd lacks, at the moment, a good source for computer and electronics equipment. Just ask anyone who has faced a trip to Christiansburg or Roanoke to buy blank DVDs, a Firewire or USB cable or a backup hard drive for their computer.


  1. I’m a twenty year old male and I’ve grown up in Floyd my entire life. I’ve seen buisnesses and factories shut down in Floyd and as I have recently discovered, it’s becoming really hard to find a good job in Floyd. You almost have to go to either Christiansburg or Roanoke to find a good job. I say let the buisnesses come in. Floyd needs more jobs. The county is slowing having a brain drain where all the young, smart people are moving out of the county because there is nothing here for us, and what good does the town do if you can’t keep your younger people here. Get more buisnesses and industry in the county. The town can do this and keep it’s small town feel.

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