The restauranteurs

Michael Gucciardo of Mickey G's
Michael Gucciardo
Natasha Shishkevish

They are the restauranteurs, the ones who not only feed Floyd Countians but attract regulars from far and near to our little place in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Michael Gucciardo runs the show and Mickey G’s Restaurant and Bistro, a haven for good Italian food.

Natasha Shishkevish offers up what she calls “comfort food” at Natasha’s Market Cafe — a place for food that is both unique and exotic.

Kerry and Julie Underwood are the latest owners of Oddfellas Cantina, a longtime Floyd favorite on Locust Street.

For a town of 435 residents, Floyd offers a variety of other eateries, including Mexican dishes from El Charro, pizza at Dogtown Roadhouse, basic country fare at The Blue Ridge Restaurant, lunch counter selections at The Floyd Country Store, drive-in cuisine at DJ’s and family style cooking at The Pine Tavern.

Venture out of town and you can find good eating at Tuggles Gap, buffet and subs at Rays and country cooking at Jims in Willis.  On the franchise front, there’s pizza and subs at Pizza Inn, more subs at Subway and offerings from Hardees.  The grill at Express Mart also offers up breakfast, lunch and quick snacks to regulars.

And, on selected evenings, you can find roadside barbeque on South Locust Street.

Kerry & Julie Underwood
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4 thoughts on “The restauranteurs”

  1. Doug – I’m enjoying your “Faces of Floyd” articles. I haven’t seen the exhibit at the Jacksonville Center but I’m definitely in agreement that local talent could have and should have been used. I like your representation of the County in these articles because a “portrait of Floyd” cannot be captured merely by a photoshoot downtown but needs to encompass the entire county.

  2. Bridget:

    Thank you for the kind comments but the bottom line is that I screwed up on the article about “Portrait of Floyd.” I’ve apologized for the story and removed it from Muse Whatever concerns I have about the show should have addressed directly to the Jacksonville Center and not in the manner I used.

  3. Great shots Doug. We are fortunate to have these folks and restaurants in our community.

    I made a comment in the blog post that you removed regarding the exhibit at the Jacksonville Center. In it I noted that although I hadn’t seen the entire exhibit, I thought the tone seemed dark.

    Our family went to the gallery today to see for ourselves. I was happy to see numerous smiling faces on the walls mixed in with the others. All in all, I thought it was a great exhibit and wanted to extend my compliments and thanks to everyone involved in bringing it to life.

    Doug, I know you regret writing your original post about the exhibit, but if nothing else it piqued my interest to go see it for myself. While there, we not only enjoyed the exhibit itself, but we learned that there are other activities at the Jax that we look forward to getting the kids involved in. We’ll be sure to tell our friends about our experience too.

    Bearing that in mind, the exhibit accomplished its goals on several levels.

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