Celebrating the life of Jill Mackin

Tamara Rose, Jill Mackin's daughter, listens to a tribute to her mother.
Tamara Rose, Jill Mackin’s daughter, listens to a tribute to her mother.
Michael Kovick of Windfall

Friends and family overflowed the Floyd Country Store Sunday evening for a celebration of life for Jill Mackin the Wisconsin transplant who provided so much good eating and friendliness as the head of the kitchen at The Floyd Country Store before dying unexpectedly from a stroke two weeks ago.

Windfall, Bermie Coveney, Rob Neukirch and other musicians and singers took to the stage for musical tributes, family and friends told stories and attendees sampled food from some of Jill’s favorite recipes.

It was a touching ceremony for a special lady.  Attendees lingered long after the event ended, remembering the woman who was in so many ways the face and the soul of The Floyd Country Store.

She not only will missed…she already is.

More photos and a story will appear in this week’s Floyd Press.

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  1. The other day I was in the kitchen at the Floyd Country Store feeling the pressure of making cornbread as great as Jill did. Right before I put it in the oven I looked to the sky and said “Help me out Jill”. When the timer went off and I pulled the hot skillet out of the oven I thought good color, crispy edges etc. then I looked closer and almost dropped the whole thing on the floor. Hand on a stack of bibles and you can ask Jackie….in the center of the cornbread was a smiley face. All I could say was “Thanks Jill”.
    I miss her every day

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