Female athletes

The state championships in Richmond: A regular venue for the Lady Buffs
The state championships in Richmond: A regular venue for the Lady Buffs
Jessica Hollandsworth: A state champion

Female high school athletics are anything but genteel.  The young women who compete on the softball or soccer fields, the track course, the tennis or basketball courts play with a ferocity that matches — or a times exceeds — their male counterparts.

Floyd County High School’s female athletes have racked up the most championships, especially in basketball and on the golf course.

The Lady Buffs varsity basketball team has so many post-season appearances that FCHS fans book hotel reservations for the state tournament finals in Richmond at the beginning of the season.   Jessica Hollandsworth won the state championship in golf.

Winning is a tradition among the female athletes in Floyd County.  For many, their sport of choice is a full-time job.  Basketball stars play year around with summer leagues and camps.  Tennis players work with trainers.  For some, an athletic scholarship is a ticket to a college or university that might otherwise be unaffordable.

Photographing high school sports has been one of the joys of returning to Floyd County after 39 years on the road as a newspaperman and photographer. The sports offering and level of competition increased dramatically over what existed at FCHS when I left in 1965.

It has been a lot of fun.

Softball. Anything but genteel.

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