Floyd County Democrats party hearty amid local losses but statewide election results leave Republicans with hangovers

At county Republican headquarters, Mary Turman records votes while Dennis Wagner steadies the board

Republicans in Floyd County worked election night the old-fashioned way, keeping vote tallies on a large white board at GOP headquarters in the former Citizens Telephone store at the Village Green, chowing down on subs, ham sandwiches, coffee and soda while celebrating numbers that gave local majorities to Mitt Romney, George Allen and Morgan Griffith.

In the rear of Village Green, the county Democratic headquarters was dark.  The party of the Donkey watched returns at Dogtown Roadhouse, downing beer, wine and pizza while casting worried looks at the TV screen that showed incumbent President Barack Obama and Senate candidate Tim Kaine trailing.

But Republicans work up with the hangovers Wednesday morning — their four-year quest to oust Obama from the White House failed and Kaine eeking out a narrow win to keep the Old Dominion’s Senate seat in Democratic hands.  In the end, Obama carried Virginia for a second time.

The party of the elephant could still celebrate incumbent Congressman Griffith’s win over Giles County farmer Anthony Flaccavento but that was about it.  Two amendments that the party favored won easily too but while a 66 percent turnout in Floyd County was overwhemingly Republican — along with other parts of Southwestern Virginia — the voters in Virginia’s more urban areas tipped the scales to Obama and Kaine in the end.

And while Romney carried Floyd County with 61.12 percent (4,671 votes), Obama pulled in a respectable 35.75 percent (2,732 votes): Not bad for a Democrat — and a black one at that — in a county where Osama bin Laden could carry the vote if he ran as a Republican.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and former Congressman Virgil Goode — running under the Constitution party banner — tied at 96 votes each in Floyd County.  That surprised some who expected Goode pull more votes but the former Congressman did better in his home county of Franklin, where he pulled in 688 votes: 2.58 percent.

The vote tallies in Floyd County
Democratic signs outside election night party at Dogtown Roadhouse
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5 thoughts on “Floyd County Democrats party hearty amid local losses but statewide election results leave Republicans with hangovers”

  1. It does the heart good to know that America can present her face, again, to the world, a world that will hold us in high esteem for re-electing Barack Obama. It’s a new world and the Republican party can either acknowledge that fact or get left behind in the dust, a dust created by women, minorities and yes, gay people. We’re all one under the sun and the President’s acceptance speech was a stirring confirmation of what America is all about. As he so eloquently stated, the best is yet to come. Hail to the Chief! It is, indeed, a bright new day.

  2. Once again America shows her bright, clean face to the world and the world will hold her in high esteem. The Republican party can either acknowledge the new day or get left further behind in a dust created by America’s women, minorities and yes, gays. We are all one under the sun and the President’s acceptance speech was a powerful reminder of what America can be. As he so eloquently stated, the best is yet to come. It’s a brand new day in America. Hail to the Chief!

  3. Virginia and the Nation won big time last night, but the 9th district lost with Morgan Griffith’s re-election. Anthony Flaccavento is an impressive person, who has delivered for the farmers and coal workers in this district. He is a moderate and he has good, creative ideas for developing SW Virginia in ways that will create new jobs in new industries for many. He would never leave a communication void in the way that Morgan Griffith has. Griffith has done nothing more than say no–he’s been a real do-nothing in Congress. I hope Mr. Flaccavento will agree to run in 2014. More people know his name now and know about his ideas, too . Those who supported and endorsed Anthony in 2012–including the Roanoke Times, VA Sheriffs, etc.– will continue spreading the word about this good and solid candidate who thinks beyond the borders of political parties to serve the people of SW Virginia.

  4. Politico published the results online in an easy-to-follow format. One surprise was Romney carrying Montgomery County, home to Virginia Tech. Another was Henrico County going for Obama while the other Richmond suburbs stayed Republican.

  5. A number of points here;
    Flaccovento lives in Abingdon which makes him a true 9th District resident and undoubtedly helped him in his campaign. People like to know that their representative lives amongst them, and walks their walk.

    Tim Kaine beat George Allen by 5% (200,000) – no small margin. His total was higher than the President.

    George Allen garnered fewer votes than any of these candidates, and if there is a common agreement it is that we hopefully have seen the last of George F. Allen in elected office.

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