Somebody left an unsigned, multi-page racist screed taped to the front window of Blue Ridge Muse last night.

I only got through the first-page of the hate-filled diatribe aimed at Democratic Presidential contender Barack Obama before starting to retch. I ripped the pages into shreds and dumped them into the nearest trashcan.

Let’s get something straight up front: I despise racism and those who practice it. I have no patience with bigots, homophobes, racists and anti-Semites.

So stay the hell away from me. Don’t waste my time with your ignorance, your hate or your intolerance.


  1. it is a part of southern heritage. slavery i mean…. even though it was very wrong and for that reason abolished…. it is a part of southern heritage. the young people should be taught about it and how awful it was..

    like the holocaust museum… it doesnt “keep secrets” in its teachings… heritage/history has all kinds of good and bad things to learn.

    we all know that.

  2. A historian on NPR the other day said that many New England tourists wanted to know why the date 1492 wasn’t on Plymouth Rock. It’s this kind of ignorance, naivetee, and selective focus that disproportionately blames the American South and the Confederacy for slavery.

    Please review the following link that shows that slavery and Black Laws were in every colony of the US and in many northern and border states through the Civil War:

    Know that blacks did not receive equal treatment under US Federal law until 100 years after the Civil War. Basically, moral parity existed between most regions of the country concerning blacks.

    I would also like people to remember that slavery in America was a small percentage of the total slave trade. The English traders and their African counterparts alone are responsible for transporting about 10 million slaves of which about 6% ended up in America. The vast majority, about 70%, ended up in Brazil and the Carribean.

    Despite this info, the knee-jerk reaction at the mention of the word slavery evokes images and therefore places the responsibility in the American South. Yes, the South had the vast majority of America’s slaves, about 25% ownership by 1850, but it unfairly receives most of the blame. Therefore, it is imperative that unbiased history be taught which includes not condemning southern heritage, the South, or the Confederacy.

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