Next step in a long recovery: I’m coming home Monday

Bernie Coveney and Andrea Marshall play and sing at the hospital.
Bernie Coveney and Andrea Marshall play and sing at the hospital.
Bernie Coveney and Andrea Marshall play and sing at the hospital.

The rehab center hit me with a surprise and a Christmas present late last week.  My discharge date was moved to Christmas eve, which means Amy can take me home on Monday.

That’s the good news.  I’m coming home to Floyd County but the rehab will continue for weeks and possibly months on both my mending right leg (broken in several places) to my impaired brain (injured in my encounter with a cow on my motorcycle nearly three months ago).

On Saturday, Bermie Coveney and Andrea Marshall dropped by the hospital in Roanoke to serenade us with music and stories about what is happening in Floyd. The appearance by Bernie and Andrea, along with Colleen Redman and Jack Bagby, made Saturday an excellent, and made me anxious to return home.  They join a long list of Floyd Countians who have ventured down the mountain to visit — many several times.

Coming home does not mean an end to treatment.  I still face a long road learning to use my right leg again and returning my brain to function normally.  Yeah, I know, that’s based on an assumption that my brain ever functioned normally.  It will still be a while before I can return to work or take photos or shoot videos.

The past two-plus months have taught me a lot about life in general and Floyd County residents in particular.  Your outpouring of sympathy, support and help have been tremendous and I can’t begin to thank you fully.  I will try in coming days to do what I can.  I understand some came early on when I was even more out of it and I apologize if I was unable to show proper gratitude at the time.  I’m overwhelmed by the support.

More after I return.

Merry Christmas.

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  1. Welcome home, Doug! What an awesome Christmas present – not only for you and Amy but for all of us who have been “rooting from the stands” for your recovery and return. Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with healing, love and laughter for you and Amy!

  2. That’s great news Doug-glad to hear you’re headed back up the mountain to us, and home! We’ve had you in our hearts and prayers ever since we heard about your “close encounter,” and are happy to hear about your continuing progress and recovery. Get on back up here and into the fold once again! Dave and Diane

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