Merry Christmas from Doug and Amy Thompson and Blue Ridge Muse

Christmas decorations at a home on Barberry Road in Floyd County. (Photo taken in 2005)
Christmas decorations at a home on Barberry Road in Floyd County. (Photo taken in 2005)
Christmas decorations at a home on Barberry Road in Floyd County. (Photo taken in 2005)

Arrived home from the rehab center on Christmas Eve and Amy and I went almost immediately to bed to rest.  It’s been a long time away from home for me — almost three months — while recovering from severe injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident on Nov. 9 and it was good to be home.

The hospital stay — for the time being — is over but the intensive therapy continues on a right leg broken in many placed by crash on U.S. 221 south of Roanoke.  I put the bike down to try and avoid a cow that had wandered on the road.  Now therapists and doctors worked hard over the past several weeks to teach me to walk again and to reverse the damage from brain injury in the crash.  I don’t know when I will be able to return to work and a normal life, assuming such is possible.

But I survived the crash.  God does look over sinners and scoundrels.  I pulled through thanks to the love of Amy — my wife — and the help, support from many good friends in Floyd County and the hard work of doctors, surgeons, plastic surgeons, neurologists and therapists at Carilion in Roanoke.  Now it will be up to new therapists to finish the job.

And we made it home for Christmas.

Mary Christmas to our friends, family and everyone out there. I thank you for your support and friendship over the last several weeks.  It means more to me than I can ever fully and appropriately express.

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11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Doug and Amy Thompson and Blue Ridge Muse”

  1. What a Christmas gift to have you back amongst us.

    Let me know if you could use advise or assistance from a burned-out physical therapist.

    What a long and rocky road these past weeks have been for those of us helpless along the sidelines. I can only imagine what your world has been like.

    Looking forward to resetting the lunch date we missed the week after your brush with the Cosmic Cow.

  2. Merry Christmas, Doug and Amy, I know of you more than you of me, but have kept up with your recovery via Fred First, what wonderful news to know you made it home for Christmas. A true
    Christmas miracle, for sure; continue to heal, and know good vibes
    and prayers are coming from folks you have yet to meet.

  3. Christmas Blessings Doug (and Amy)! So glad to hear you have returned home. Many of us have tried to keep abreast of your progress (not as easy as one would think)….it’s wonderful to know that you have recovered enough to return to Floyd. Please continue to keep us all posted on your progress.

  4. Doug and Amy: Prayers are answered…so glad you’re home and we will keep praying for you. How wonderful to read your articles and it’s a true sign that you are on the road to recovery. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. David and I will be happy to help in any way if you need us.

  5. What a blessing that you and Amy were home for Christmas. You, Doug, are a truly amazing man. I’m sure your recovery was helped by the love and presence of your devoted mate. Although I’m no longer living in Floyd, I’m glad you’re back at home base – a very good place to be. Kate

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