Ending a year of tragedy and hoping for a better next 12 months

Looking to the future
Looking to the future
Looking to the future

As 2012 comes to a close I look back at the previous 12 months and find a lot of reasons to be glad this year is almost over.

This, after all, is the year I lost my mother after more than four years of taking care of her in a final days.  Her death, while long expected, was still shocking and leaves a hole in my life.

This is also the year that I tried to leave this world in a serious motorcycle accident that left me in an coma, fighting for my life with multiple broken bones and brain damage, and facing both plastic surgery and extensive rehab that will continue into the new year.

But I survived, so the wreck — while tragic and catastrophic — was not fatal.

So I end the year lucky.  While the rehab to learn to talk again, regain full use of my right leg along with full recovery of my brain functions, will take a lot of 2013 it is good that I’m alive and functional enough to undergo both in the coming year.

Still, some of the lingering effects will remain and will alter how I look and life and how I live it.

As a consequence of a closed-head injury, I find myself far more emotional than before the accident.  A sad story will leave me in tears, something that rarely happened before.

My former extreme ego is now tempered with self-doubt, driven by memory lapses and an extreme awareness of my mortality and failures.  I almost widowed my wife and that is a hurt I never wanted to bring into her life.

But I head into 2013 determined to recover from an extreme, life-threatening injury and hoping for a life that will accomplish many things that remain unresolved.

That’s that plan and, with luck and perseverance, it is one that will be fulfilled.

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  1. Doug, I’ve been following you probably since I got on the Internet, probably first found DC Darkside, then CHB, now this. Praying for full recovery and that you’re able to share more insights. The fact that you’ve been able to do the last few posts is miraclous (sp) in itself.

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