Adjusting to a new reality

For the first time, I am missing today’s Chance Harman classic, the annual memorial basketball games in honor of coach Brian Harman’s son.

Although my mobility increases each day from last November’s motorcycle crash, I am still not able to photograph sports and rules from my therapists keep me from attending events with large crowds.

With hope, that will change in a month or so, but for now, not attending such events is not part of a life that I had — up until now — taken for granted.

One day at a time.  Here’s a video shot at last year’s classic.

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1 thought on “Adjusting to a new reality”

  1. We missed you Doug. The gym was packed, best turnout ever. I spoke with Coach Harman and he was truly touched at the response this year. Floyd played Grayson and we won – it was a close, well-played game.

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