A small step towards returning to a normal life

Burks Fork supervisor Joe Turman
Burks Fork supervisor Joe Turman
Burks Fork supervisor Joe Turman

This week begins with increased efforts to return to normal, along with an increase in rehab-related activities.

Today, I venture to the regular monthly meeting of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors, taking notes and reporting on the activities that affect most local citizens.  That report will appear in Thursday’s Floyd Press.

It’s an experiment to see if I’m ready to return to reporting duties.  Although photography and more strenuous activities are still at least a month away, covering a meeting is not a physical drain.

On Wednesday, I resumes an increase in rehab with out-patient treatment for physical therapy.  Later in the week, visits to speech and occupational therapies. By next week, those visits will be at least three times a week.

Hopefully, it is a beginning to a return to a fuller life.

I haven’t yet been able to respond to a table full of get well cards or the mass of wishes posted on Facebook or posted on Muse and other blogs.  I will but it will take time.

Please be patient.

And thank you for the support.

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