Klan raises its ugly, racist head once again in Virginia

An evil that still exists among us.

040710klanThe Ku Klux Klan, officially classified as a white supremacist hate group, is activity recruiting new members in Virginia and claiming it has doubled its membership since America elected and then re-elected a black President.

Virginians are finding hangers on their front doors and recruiting materials in the mailboxes as the Klan seeks more believers in their cause.  While the flyers have not yet shown up in Floyd County, they have appeared at homes in Franklin and Carroll counties, where the Klan is active.

The increased activity concerns Virginians with a more enlightened attitude.

“They have a history of terrorism, torture, murder,” Richmond area NAACP director King Salim Khalfani tells CBS channel 6 in the state capital.

Civil rights historian Brian Daugherity agrees and says the re-emergence of the Klan too many memories of Virginia’s racist past.

“I think most Virginians think this was a long time ago and the current activity is uncomfortable,” Daugherity told the Richmond TV station.

Klansman, for the most part, are cowards.  They cover their faces and hide their identities.

But they represent a past that should remain there and an attitude that has no place in modern society.

Yet they are here and claim their numbers are growing.


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4 thoughts on “Klan raises its ugly, racist head once again in Virginia”

  1. The Klan is scary, no doubt. But in the 21st century it’s the subtle forms of bigotry that disturb. My wife Michele, co-owner of Woolly Jumper Yarns, got a call from a woman with a knitting problem. “Bring it in,” Michele told her. Within the hour a woman arrived and spent ten minutes trying to convince Michele that it couldn’t have been her on the phone, the woman insisted she had spoken to “the owner.” It was clear where this woman was coming from but Michele just shined it on and finally – and graciously in my opinion – helped the woman with her knitting problem.

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