More than 3,800 without power in Floyd County this morning

120510snow2More than 40 percent of Floyd C0unty’s electrical customers are in the dark this morning after Thursday’s snow storm dumped up 10 inches of white stuff on the area.

Appalachian Power Company reported 3,863 customers powerless at 6:30 a.m. along with 109,260 without power throughout Virginia.

The hardest hit is Bland County, where 83.7 percent of customers don’t have power.

For Floyd County, the darkness is familiar:  The county was hard hit in the days following Christmas as well as other times so far in recent months.

Slick roads also took its share of victims.  A Floyd County Rescue Squad ambulance went off the road at Bent Mountain in Roanoke County Thursday night.  No injuries were reported.

I left therapy in Christiansburg Thursday afternoon with sleet falling.  A involving a car and a pickup truck stalled traffic south of Riner and a number of other cars had slid off the road in Floyd County.  A trip that normally takes 30 minutes took nearly two hours.

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