The Floyd Radio Show: A good time for all

The Floyd Radio Show’s creators and regulars: Joe DeJarnette (left), Elizabeth LaPrelle, Stuart Scales and Ann Roberts-Gevalt
Floyd blues musician and music teacher Scott Perry
Floyd blues musician and music teacher Scott Perry

The Floyd County Store presented its February 2013 edition of the Floyd Radio Show Saturday night before an appreciative live crowd and an internet audience.

Now in its second year, the radio show has become part of the permanent entertainment venue of Floyd County.  It is an hour-long compilation of music, comedy, skits and off-the-cuff entertainment that is best described as a mix of the Prairie Home Companion and Hee Haw.

Saturday’s show featured a mix of local and visiting talents, including local music teacher and blues composer/guitarist/singer Scott Perry as well as acts from Maryland, New Orleans (via Blacksburg) and other areas.  Under the direction of Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle, the show is always entertaining, seldom predictable and fun for all.

The radio show is presented live at The Floyd Country Store on the second Saturday night of each month the fall, winter and spring months and podcasts of parts of the show are available on the store’s web site.

Hugh and Zane Campbell, musical duo from Maryland


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