A little remodeling here at Muse

022413remodelingYes, things look a little different around here and that’s on purpose.  Regular readers may have noticed a design change on Blue Ridge Muse.  Longtime readers will feel Deja Vu all over again.

I’ve returned to an earlier design of this web site because a number of readers have told me they have had problems dealing with the later design.  The primary purpose of Blue Ridge Muse is news and information and the heavy emphasis on graphics in the redesign of the site last year was on pictures and videos.  Unfortunately, it made the site more difficult for some readers to load and navigate so I’ve gone back to an earlier, more tried and true design.

Yes, we still feature photos and videos but in a way that, hopefully, better serves the readers.

I’m hoping the change is more enjoyable with readers.  If you have problems or comments, please let me know.

I’ll be launching a new web site that concentrates on visuals, both photographic and video oriented, in a short time.  Stay tuned.

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