Increased taxes a real possibility for county residents

Part of the crowd from Tuesday's public hearing
Part of the crowd from Tuesday's public hearing
Part of the crowd from Tuesday’s public hearing

Some 35 speakers — ranging from elementary and high school students, parents, teachers and school officials — appeared Tuesday night at a public hearing on the upcoming county budget to urge Supervisors to loosen their purse strings and shell out more money to increase teacher salaries, reduce class sizes and restore program cuts to the county school system.

All but one of the speakers said they were willing to pay more in county real estate taxes to fund increases in the school budget.  The school system isn’t the only county agency wanting — and needing — increases in the coming year.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney wants more money to pay for an assistant prosecutor, the Sheriff’s Department needs more funds to fight increased crime and other agencies are asking for more too.

The question facing the county board may not be whether or not to increase taxes, but how much?  With some members of the board facing re-election this year, that question becomes even more dicey.

Details and more photos of the hearing in this week’s Floyd Press.

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2 thoughts on “Increased taxes a real possibility for county residents”

  1. It appears the meeting had a good turnout. Sounds like the school employees made some valid points. Yet some questions that have not been asked that need to be. What amount of the total school revenue is obligated money? What amount is discretionary money? When I served on the Board, if a school debt was paid off, we left that money in the next budget,except one year. When employees retired and new ones were hired, we did not keep the difference of salaries. Those funds were left in the next budget also. How was these funds spent? Unfortunately School Boards and Board of Supervisors all over the state are pointing fingers at eath other. Until the citizens hold our state lawmakers accountable,nothing will change. Taxes may have to be increased, but what impact will that have on the ones just getting by now? No answers, just some questions that needed to be asked. Jerry

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