I registered my first web domain in 1994 and have registered perhaps 100 more since then. In fact, I’m not sure exactly how many domain names I own or how many may have expired because I simply forgot I owned them and never got around to using them.

One of the oldest is DCComix.com, a takeoff on DC Comics and the web site that once served as an umbrella for a number of other web sites, including Capitol Hill Blue, DC DarkSide and Flat-Out-Till-You-See-God-Then-Brake, a site dedicated to driving fast — real fast.

Thanks to some helpful folks at Network Solutions, I’ve started cataloging all those sites so I can keep track of just what I own and which ones, if any, I want to discard.

One that just came up for renewal is KillAllLawyers.Com, a site dedicated to lawyer jokes and anything else detrimental to the legal profession.

That one, I think, is a keeper.