Another snow storm, another delay for Spring

Snow falling along Virginia Route 8 Thursday afternoon.
Snow falling along Virginia Route 8 Thursday afternoon.

Floyd County closed schools today after Thursday’s unpredicted snow storm dumped five or more inches on parts of the county.

The rapidly-moving storm provided one more slap in the face to an area that has endured too many winter indignities since late December and yet another delay to a Spring that is already past due.

A planned budget meeting of the Floyd County Board of Supervisors was canceled Thursday night and other events took the evening off.

Forecasters claim the sun will come out today and start melting the show as we head into what is promised to be a nicer weekend and even warmer weather next week.

Will Spring finally arrive?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

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  1. Nope, no spring or summer…we’re headed right back around to Christmas so get the lights and the decorations back out. I need some socks.

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