So, where’s the controversy?

At work at the Friday Night Jamboree.
Different?  Don't know
Different? Don’t know

A local elected official asked over coffee Thursday why my controversial writing has not returned since my release from the hospital following a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

I had to stop and think about the question, not realizing that my writing style had changed but — in retrospect — I suppose it has.

I’ve written about the budget problems facing the county in recent weeks, along with the ethical and possibly illegal issues surrounding Gov. Bob McDonald and Attorney General Ken Kuccinelli but most of the postings here on Muse have consisted of photography and videos.

Some say I have changed since my release after 45 days of hospitalization and months of continuing and extensive therapy.  Most, including my wife, won’t say if the change is better or worse — just different.

Maybe I’m taking longer than expected to get back up to speed.

Maybe I am different.

At this point I just don’t know.

Time, I guess, will tell.

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