Cuccinelli caught lying again about his relationship with ethics-challenged CEO

Ken Cuccinell:  Another day, another lie
Ken Cuccinell: Another day, another lie

Virginia Attorney General Ken Kuccinelli is getting caught in more and more lies about his twisted, unethical and probably illegal relationship with a business executive who showered the AG and Gov. Bob McDonnell with thousands in dollars in gifts.

After first claiming he never talked with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, Cuccinelli now admits meeting with him but claims the two talked “only about taxes” and not about the lawsuit the company filed against the state over its tax problems.

Yet, Cuccinelli purchased $10,000 in shares from the company and stayed at the the CEO’s lavish Smith Mountain Lake home twice as a free guest.  Incredibly, Cuccinelli claims he knew nothing about the lawsuit even after he brought in two private lawyers to handle the state’s side of the case.

Williams has spent at least 35 grand on gifts to Cuccinelli and McDonnell.

How badly is Cuccinelli lying?  Hard to say at this point because the man who is supposed to be the Old Dominion’s top law enforcement officer now claims his office does not have to obey the law when it comes to turning over records requested in a freedom of information request to his office.

It’s not the first time the Virginia AG has ignored the law.  He has told state universities to disobey laws that provide fairness in college admissions.  He often urges other state departments and agencies to disregard laws that do not fit into his 0narrowly-focused right-wing agenda.

Both Cuccinelli and McDonnell are under investigation by the FBI over their relationship with Williams and Star Scientific.

Like most candidates for office, Cuccinelli claims he is running for governor “on his record.”

Which raises a question:  Is that his political record or his criminal one?



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