Cuccinelli launched McDonnell probe after doing same thing

Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell: Birds of a feather? (AP Photo)
Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell: Birds of a feather? (AP Photo)
Ken Cuccinelli and Bob McDonnell: Birds of a feather? (AP Photo)

Press reports reveal Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli launched an investigation of Gov. Bob McDonnell‘s actions that center around a questionable company owner who has showered not only the governor, but also the attorney general, with gifts, free use of his home and other questionable activities.

Which makes us wonder.  Is Cuccinelli investigating himself?  Is he probing his talks with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams, his use of Williams’ palatial Smith Mountain Lake mansion, his eyebrow-raising and sudden profits off of stock in the company and his own failures to report the stock ownership on financial disclosure forms?

Cuccinelli, Politico and the Richmond Times-Dispatch report, appointed Richmond Commonwealth Attorney Michael Herring to investigate McDonnell’s disclosure of economic interest and benefits from his relationship with Williams.

At the same time, Cuccinelli and his wife were getting free overnight stays at Williams’ home at Smith Mountain Lake, and buying Star Scientific stock after meetings with the company CEO.

Cuccinelli himself violated Virginia’s public official financial disclosure laws by not reporting his stock ownership.  His excuse was that the stock was not valued above the $10,000 minimum required by Virginia law yet he sold a small part of that stock for more than 10 grand and made a $8,500 profit in the sale.

To make matters worse, Cuccinelli lied about his meetings with Williams, first claiming he didn’t meet with him and then later admitting the meetings but claimed they didn’t discuss a controversial lawsuit Williams’ has filed against the state.

What is the lawsuit over?  Taxes.  What did Cuccinelli admit discussing with Williams?  Taxes.


Now Cuccinelli is running for governor — the current job he is seeking from the man his office is investigating for the same violations of the law that appear to have been practiced by him.

Hmmmm again.

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