Who do we support? None of the above

052413noneofaboveA local Republican didn’t care for my recent examinations of the mounting misdeeds of Gov. Bob McDonnell and the man who wants to replace him, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli.

“Obviously,” he said, “you’re in Terry McAuliffe’s camp.”

Obvious, he’s wrong, as political partisans are so often.

True, I don’t like McDonnell or Cuccinelli.  Both have shown dishonest, unethical and most-likely illegal sides that make both unfit for public office.

But I don’t care for McAuliffe either.  I knew him during my 23 years living in the Washington area and what I saw was neither impressive or convincing that he deserved election to any office, from dog catcher on up.

McAuliffe lost the Democratic primary race four years ago to Creigh Deeds, one of the worst candidates to ever run for governor for Virginia.  The mistakes of the Deeds campaign are used of examples of what not to do in political science classes around the country.

Democrats in Virginia suffer from the same failures as Republicans.  They look at a possible crop of candidates and pick the worst of the litter to put on the ballot.

Maybe what Virginians needs in the upcoming governor’s election is “none of the above” on the ballot and if “none of the aboved” get the most votes, nobody is elected and we have to have a new election with new candidates.

Perhaps then the extremists who control both parties would realize that putting party first and state second is not the way to govern a state.

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5 thoughts on “Who do we support? None of the above”

  1. I so agree Doug. Cuccinnelli is so god awful his horrible ethics and woman hating mentality might drive me into the arms of Terry McAuliffe who I also dislike. “Cutesy Nelli” is such an extremist that I might end up holding my nose and voting for the lesser of two evils…UNLESS…I wonder if we are allowed to write in a candidate for Governor? Hmmm….now there’s a possibility if allowed. We could all pick a candidate we can all live with and vote for someone who might actually be honest and have ethics…That would be a refreshing change!

  2. While I have to agree with the thought of a giant write in at election, it will never happen. People have been so set in their ways that they don’t even think about the country now. They don’t even care about the constitutional problems we are dealing with now. I don’t understand why Virginia doesn’t let the People elect their own instead of the party doing it at a convention. Ah well, I can’t even get a response from our newly elected senator to Washington. I guess he now feels he is in office he doesn’t need to respond to our letters and emails.

    Russ Abbey
    Check – Floyd County – Virginia

  3. I feel so bad about this. I am not voting for the office of governor. I truly can’t decide which one is worse. One of them will no doubt win and I can’t stand the thoughts of either one. Is this the best we can do?

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