Get ready for a busy Memorial Day weekend


We head into Memorial Day weekend with a lot of events and activities in the area.

Many of us will kick off the day at the Grand Re-opening Party at Republic of Floyd on Oxford Street.  The celebration of the store’s reopening and the memory of Tom Ryan begins at 4 p.m.

Saturday is set aside for shooting video and photos at the Chantilly Farms Bluegrass festival at the farm’s site on Franklin Pike.  The fun starts at 10 a.m. and the weather forecast is good.

Weather should also be good for the flea market in Hillsville, which is growing to rival the Labor Day flea market and gun show.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is open, sort of, with Memorial Day the “official” start of the Spring and Summer season.  Sequestration by the federal government has closed some spots, including some campgrounds and economic woes.  Smart View picnic area is closed, along with the Roanoke Mountain campground.

Concessions are also hard hit by the economy. Peaks of Otter is closed.  So is Otter Creek.  Mabry Mill is open.

Should be a good weekend for local weekend activities like the Friday Night Jamboree.

Be wary.  Virginia State Troopers are under “enhanced enforcement” orders.

As we enjoy ourselves this weekend, let’s also remember that Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor those who have served our country.

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  1. Also, don’t forget the Floyd County Humane Society’s Stand Up for Strays happening tomorrow (May 25th) from 10-3 at the Methodist Church. There will be food, fun. yard sale (starts at 9), craft fair, and, of course, puppies and kittens galore looking for forever homes. Thanks for letting me put this up!

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