Citizens Internet and TV is working again but you may need a new modem

060513internetCitizens Telephone Cooperative’s Internet and IP TV service is back online after an apparent glitch during a test through the lines blew out about 600 DSL modems.

Some customers weren’t affected but the line of customers at the Citizens TV office today was steady as they brought in modems that weren’t working and got them replaced with new ones.

The outage was a rare one for Citizens, which has had a good record of keeping the services going and most of the folks in line when I brought our modem in for replacement were laughing.

We hope the company puts out a full, informative report to customers on the outage.

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2 thoughts on “Citizens Internet and TV is working again but you may need a new modem”

  1. Doug,
    First of all, the good news. Citizens is implementing TR-069 compliant remote diagnostic and management software to allow our technicians and help desk to remotely diagnose and correct DSL modem issues.

    The bad news is that yesterday the software vendor ran a script to create a unique key for each DSL modem on our network. However it appears that this script also sent a “reset” command to the modems resulting in a reset to factory defaults. All modems that we have purchased in the past year are preconfigured at the factory with a default that allows the modems to connect to our network, however older modems lack that factory default. Thus when those are reset that cannot connect back to the network and require a truck roll to reconfigure. So the very software that will enable us to better handle these situations in the future actually caused the current issue. The process was stopped and the script corrected. Our call center has brought in extra staff to greatly reduce customer hold times. All technicians worked until 11PM last night and will continue to work extended hours to correct the problem. Also, other employees are assisting with the effort. The office will stay open until 9PM tonight and open at 7AM in the morning. Everyone is working to correct this as quickly as possible. We are proud of our history of providing reliable service to our customers so we take this situation very seriously. Thank you.

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