Citizens still working to restore Internet, TV service to all customers

060613netproblemsCitizens Telephone Cooperative continues work today at efforts to get all of its Internet customers back online to fully restore the email, web and TV services that went down Tuesday when a software glitch trashed some modems, kicked others offline for a while and left customers offline for periods ranging from several hours to two days or more.

Most customers are online but automated phone calls went out to customers today advising those who still can’t get back online to bring in their DSL modems for reprogramming or replacement.  A number of older modems may need replacement because the software glitch caused permanent problems with the firmware.

Citizens General Manager Greg Sapp says the problem came from a script that a vendor used to update modems online to make them compatible to changes in technical support to allow online diagnosis and fixes.  The script reset some modems back to default status and wiped out the programming that allowed connection to the Internet.

A notice detailing the problem is also posted on the Citizens web site and was updated this morning to add:

If you are experiencing problems with internet or digital television service please call and talk to our support personnel and have a trouble ticket created or bring your modem into the office during business hours. We will be keeping our office open until 9pm this evening. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Some customers are also reporting problem with an email “phishing” virus that is coming in through the Citizens email system and making it through the service’s anti-spam filters.

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