Is APCo telling the truth about power outages?

Truth is hard to find in statements from APCo.
Truth is hard to find in statements from APCo.
Truth is hard to find in statements from APCo.

The power outage from Thursday’ storm that Appalachian Power called “minor” still has 28,000 Virginia customers without power and no firm prediction from the company on when the lights may be back on.

Roanoke city and county still have about 15,000 in the dark while more than 5,000 in Franklin County are powerless.

APCo claims it has restored power to 96,000 customers since Thursday afternoon, which is interesting since the company only admitted to 69,000 outages at the height of the storm and wind damage.

The company originally called the outages “minor” but changed their story Friday to “significant.”  Looks like they need to change their story on the numbers of outages as well.

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  1. My wife and I live in the Gardens subdivision in Roanoke County. Only our street, Chagall Circle, was affected by the storm. As of 4:30 today (June 17)we still do not have power, despite daily calls to AEP refresshing our outtage report. I asked AEP yesterday if crews had been dispatched and was told they had, yet we were told today that a crew had just been dispatched late this morning and now needed a tree service to assist. Really? Four days later? This is ridiculous….

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