APCo, as usual, misses self-imposed deadline for restoring power

061713aepAppalachian Power predicted it would have power restored to all of its regional customers by midnight Sunday after last Thursday’s wind and thunderstorms knocked out power to more than 100,000 but the utility started Monday with more than 1,000 without electricity in Bedford, Montgomery and Roanoke counties.

APCo now claims it will have the power back on to everyone by midnight Monday, just in time for a new round of thunderstorms that are supposed to strike the area on Tuesday along with the threat of more losses of electricity.

Bad times for the company that originally called last week’s outage “minor” and finally admitted the losses of power were significant after several news outlets — our included — kept pointing out the constant changes in APCo’s various “official” statements.

Originally, the company claimed the outages stood at 69,000 but later claimed power had been “restored” to 98,000 when more than 25,000 remained in the dark.

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