State Trooper involved in shooting

On Monday, a State Trooper shot and killed Vincent James Lumia — a 33-year-old Patrick County massage therapist, aspiring actor and filmmaker — at his mother’s home in Floyd County after, according to the VSP office in Salem, the man rammed two police cars and attempted to run down an officer.

VSP officials identified the Trooper — based in Floyd County — only as a “27-year-veteran” of the state police force.

The report provided by VSP on the incident appears to point to a shooting where the officer had little choice.

(NOTE TO READERS: This article originally contained a criticism of the Virginia State Police policy of not releasing the officer’s name in an officer-involved shooting but a friend who is also a State Trooper explained why they do so and I was wrong to question the policy. My apologies to the trooper and the department.)

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