Up early. Pack the car with computer equipment that I’m moving from the office in Arlington to the studio in Floyd. Drink lots of coffee (for God’s sake, don’t tell my doctor).

Take a few minutes to update three web sites (this one, American Newsreel, Capitol Hill Blue), check email one last time, drink another cup of coffee, visit the head to rid body of earlier cups of coffee, hit the road.

Gotta make a run from Arlington to Floyd to take care of some business, pick up five weeks worth of mail and meet with some folks. That’s a 300 mile drive, west on I-66 and then south on I-81.

After about three hours in Floyd, I’ll head back north on 81 and then East on 66, hopefully to get back into Arlington in time for the final Presidential debate tonight.

The bad news is that I have to make the trip. The good news is that XM satellite radio will keep me company along the way with golden oldies coming out of the 60s on 6 channel.