Who’ll stop the rain?

Power outages rippled through Floyd County briefly Sunday afternoon as high winds and thunderstorms affected electricity, another present from the daily onslaught of rain and winds that have become part of life in the area.

And the deluge will continue through this week with more rain forecast for tonight and for the rest of the week with “tropical storms” predicted by Sunday.

Will it ever end?  That question is being asked more and more each day.

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2 thoughts on “Who’ll stop the rain?”

    • My agreements with most music publishers forbid discussion of details of our contracts. When it comes to use of copyrighted material in videos, the fee depends on the use.

      As a documentary filmmaker I often gain permission to use music under a “fair use” agreement that involves no payment. I have an ongoing relationship with Fogerty that goes back to my shooting of a CCR concert in St. Louis in the 70s.

      I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy good relationships with musicians. In 2005, for example, I asked Roger McGuinn (of Byrds fame) for permission to use a guitar solo of his as background music for a piece on the Carroll County Gun Show and Flea Market. He asked to see a rough cut of the video and suggested that he and Marshall Brickman, who were going into the studio the following week to work on some projects, produce something unique to the piece. They did the whole thing for nothing more than credit in the film.

      Sometimes, all you have to do is ask but it is always important to ask first before using such material.

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