Still photography or video? Ah, that is the question

Our favorite shot of Martha Spencer: Shot at FloydFest in 2006.
Our favorite shot of Martha Spencer:  Shot at FloydFest in 2006.
Our favorite shot of Martha Spencer: Shot at FloydFest in 2006.

As a lifelong photographer who spent a good part of his life shooting still images of news events around the world, it did not occur until later in life that a career in imagery would evolve into video and film.

Nor did I think that the still cameras that I carry in my bag would also become preferred tools of the trade for those who shoot films.

Sometimes I look at the various cameras owned over the years.  Some still sit on a shelf, like my first Nikon F, purchased in 1965, or a 16mm Bolex film camera used to shoot our first documentary footage.

Now my image devices of choice are a Canon 5D, Mk III and a Canon 7D. supplemented with Canon lenses.   These cameras shoot still photographs for The Floyd Press and other publications and web sites.

They also shoot video and are used to such by visual journalists all over the world as well as filmmakers who produce documentaries, television shows and feature films.

Technology in the image business changes rapidly and last year’s big deal in both photography is now old news as newer and fancier equipment comes along.  There was a time when I could afford the latest in camera gear.  Those days are gone so I make do with what I currently own.

But while I still shoot a lot of still images, I find myself producing more and more moving images with the same gear.  Is it progress or an acceptance of the reality of my chosen profession?

Good question.  It is a fact that people seem to prefer video over still imagery I hope the desire to look at photos is something that never goes away.

So I will continue to do both and the nice thing about today’s technology is that I can use the same equipment for each.

Video shot on a Friday night on the streets of Floyd, using the same gear that produces still imagery.

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