Is Ken Cuccinelli a fake conservative?

Ken Cuccinelli: His is, therefore he isn't
Ken Cuccinelli:  His is, therefore he isn't
Ken Cuccinelli: His is, therefore he isn’t

A local politician who claims to know Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli “very well” says the man who wants to be the Commonwealth’s next governor is — for all practical purposes — a political phony who fakes his so-called conservatism to gain necessary support from the ultra right-wing faction of the Republican party.

Cuccinelli, this politician maintains, is nowhere near as conservative as he claims to be but acts like one to gain support form the gullible tea party and other hard core right wing groups.

Of course, this revelation comes from a political opportunist and conservative who doesn’t want to go on the record with any of this but could it be true that Cuccinelli is a closet moderate who fakes his extreme right wing positions because he thinks he needs to be viewed as part of the rabid right to win elections?

It’s possible.  Honesty is not now, nor has it ever been, one of Cuccinelli’s political strengths.  Neither are ethics.  Although an assessment by a state prosecutor of the Attorney General’s actions in concealing his ownership of stock in a company run by a questionable big-bucks supporter of both Cuccinelli and current governor Bob McDonnell found no technical violations of the law, it does suggest a serious “appearance” problem.

In reality, it’s hard to break Virginia’s campaign finance laws, which are among the most lax in the nation.

Says the report by Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring, a Democrat:

Although one cannot help but question whether repeated omissions of gifts from [Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr.] are coincidence or a pattern reflecting intent to conceal, the disclosure of several other gifts and benefits from Williams in his original statements suggests that the Attorney General was not attempting to conceal the relationship. Furthermore, we find no evidence that in his statements the AG intentionally mischaracterized gifts and benefits from Star Scientific and Williams.

In other words, Herring is saying no one can prove Cuccinelli lied but questions about his honesty can, and do, exist.

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4 thoughts on “Is Ken Cuccinelli a fake conservative?”

  1. When it comes to politics/politicians, lying has always been the coin of the realm. It is the currency our elected officials, and the media that cover them, trade in. The difference is politicians used to at least make a pretense of telling the truth. No longer. Not only are the lies almost airily told, there isn’t even a sense of shame, or a correction, when caught lying. (And yet we actually wonder why our political system has become such a joke.) Remember Senator Kyl’s outrageous lie that abortions were “about 90%” of what Planned Parenthood does? When the press, and even those in the GOP protested because it WAS such an outlandish lie, he didn’t apologize. He defended himself by saying his comment “…was not intended to be a factual statement.” What? Seriously? He genuinely was unconcerned that he lied AND was caught lying. Then there’s Glenn Beck’s bizarre claim that conservatives founded the civil rights movement. Beck leapt from lie to lie like a frog jumping from one lily pad to the next. And who can forget Sarah Palin’s infamous, unrepentant “death panels” lie about Obamacare? I don’t know what was worse–the absurd accusation itself, the blatant hypocrisy (because the GOP has long crowned itself the party of good family morals), or deliberately and cruelly scaring senior citizens. (Harming a child in any way may be the most heinous crime a person can commit, followed by murder, but I would also put deliberately scamming or scaring our vulnerable, elderly population at the top of that list.) Ironically, only a week ago Palin made a speech (scolding the Administration) that woud be laughable were it not truly sad, in which she said, “One lesson taught all children is if you lie on the little things, you’ll lie on the big things.” Apparently a lesson Palin never learned, or has just chosen to ignore.

    Or take South Carolina’s then-governor, Mark Sanford, who lost the governorship when he went AWOL for five days, essentially abandoned his constituents, his duties, his own family, used taxpayer money to fly to Argentina to see his mistress (now fiancé). (And who actually just won back his congressional seat!) I could care less about Sanford’s or any politician’s private life as long as it does not involve taxpayer money or jeopardize state or national security. Except it is the Republican Party (those on the far right especially) whose platform has always been one of family values and strong morals, yet is the party that routinely gets caught with its family values and strong morals down around its ankles. They are also the party that loves to wax faux eloquent on God’s grace, on being good Christians, seek forgiveness from Him for our imperfections and from the public for our transgressions, yet curiously liberals and Democrats Need Not Apply. When THEY sin, it’s absolute, there’s no forgiveness for being imperfect.

    As for the Republican Party in general, they would do well to distance themselves entirely from the “severely conservative,” fanatical, “ultra right-wing” faction of their party. Much of their rhetoric, their ideology, is creepily similar to that of the Taliban. (And their hardest hard-core members, those who see nothing wrong with bombing abortion clinics, going after physicians who perform abortions, they ARE no different from the Taliban.)

    As for Cuccinelli, how sad, and un-American, that he must meet Stepford Wives (A.K.A. cult)-like requirements demanded by the GOP’s anti-Constitutional fringers to get their political support. These fringers are so radical, they practically force more moderate (and saner?) Republicans TO lie about their degree of conservatism. One wonders how many moderate Republicans would make good representatives or senators, governors but who shy away because of their party’s extremist minority members whose personal agendas they believe should apply for ALL Americans.

    So much for democracy. All the talk of “taking back the country,” perhaps its real meaning is taking it back from right-wing extremists who would benefit from actually *reading* the Constitution, rather than simply tucking a pocket copy of it IN their suit’s pocket. They are entitled to their extremist beliefs, of course, but they do NOT have the right, constitutionally or otherwise, to force their ideology on the nation. Our Founding Fathers took great pains to create a document that would ensure that a young United States of America did not simply trade one form of tyranny (Great Britain) for another (right-wing fanaticism). The far right is like a big wart on the nose of the Republican Party. Isn’t it past time to remove the unsightly ‘growth?’

    And when as a nation are we going to demand better of our government in general? Insist on it? What even lower level do we need to reach, how much more must we demoralize ourselves, before we demand honesty and ethical behavior from those we elect to represent We the People, not big business or political party? When will WE develop enough self-respect that we insist on the highest, best behavior from our government and vote out those who let us down? Arguably, we deserve the corrupt, self-serving government we have because as a people, as VOTERS, we tolerate it, vote back INTO office those who repeatedly let us down, those we previously booted for ethics or other violations. When do we start sending the message to Congress, the White House that, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, you’re done. Gone like the wind.

  2. He may be more than a liar. He may be indicted at some point, as my Gov. VagProbe and Mrs. Gov. VagProbe.

    Read 18 USC 1346, honest services fraud, and conspiracy to commit same — multiple targets in the US Attorney’s sights there probably. Less so Kookinelli, he’s more of a slippery slope, “I forgot” (to comply with the law), American Taliban theocratic heavy-handed guy (claims to be a conservative but wants to run everyone’s life even if it means changing, not “conserving”, the law and Constitutional values and interpretations).

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