101504moving.jpgSomeday, the old saying goes, we’ll look back on this and laugh.

But after five weeks of sorting, packing, tossing, cleaning and moving, we’re not laughing much.

We had hoped to get our condo in Arlington, our home for the past 23 years, cleaned out and ready for sale in three weeks. Foolish estimate at best. Here we are five weeks later and at least a week of work remains.

Glitches always arise in a move and we’ve been hampered by Amy’s current bout with the flu, several interruptions for client work and the ever-increasing number of unexpected things that come up.

Our rented storage space, all 300-square feet of it, is filling up and we look at what’s left in the condo and what space is left in storage and wonder if it will all fit.

A run to Home Depot on Thursday brought back unpleasant memories of the DC sniper attacks. Linda Franklin, a 47-year-old analyst for the FBI, died in the parking garage of that Home Depot at Seven Corners, killed by a bullet from John Allen Muhammed’s rifle. We were planning to stop there the night it happened but found what we were looking for at another hardware store and went home instead. Fate smiled on us that night but not on Franklin.

You can’t live in an area for 23 years without a lot of memories popping up. We have many and they get packed up along with the belongings from two plus decades.

Yes, someday we’ll look back at the last five weeks and laugh. But right now all we want is for it to be over.

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