FloydFest becomes MudFest — Especially in the parking lots

072713mudThe rain which moved in over FloydFest Friday night has turned the event’s offsite parking lots into mud pits and the festival has closed the lots and directing those driving to the event today to the parking lot of Dreaming Creek in the Floyd Commerce Center on Christiansburg Pike, where shuttle buses will transport them to the event in Patrick County just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With more rain forecast tonight and Sunday, the situation could get even worse.

On its’ Facebook page, FloydFest is telling those coming to the festival today to go to the Dreaming Creek parking lot.  Earlier, the Festival directed people to the Floyd County High School parking lot, saying:

Due to weather, we are closing ALL offsite lots and rerouting everyone to the Floyd County High and shuttling them to the site from there.

When the high school parking lot filled, the festival directed folks to Dreaming Creek:

FloydFest Update: For folks just arriving, we are now asking people to go to Dreaming Creek at 296 Commerce Center Dr Floyd, VA 24091. Our shuttles will pick you up there and bring you to the site. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Then the Dreaming Creek lot was full and event attendees were sent to another parking area a the Commerce Park.

“FloydFest is now MudFest,” posted an attendee to Facebook Saturday morning.

The parking lot situation is adding to the woes of those complaining that parking is just the beginning of a long trip to the festival.  Attendees on Thursday and Friday told stories of two and three hour-long trips just getting from the parking lots to the festival site and some complained that, because of the delays, they missed the concert act they came to see.

Festival officials put out a plea to the Floyd County School system for bus drivers on Thursday to help with the backups but the first drivers who drove out to the festival site to help were turned away because Mountain View Bus Lines operators said they couldn’t drive the buses because only employees of the bus service were covered by insurance.

So festival officials worked out a deal with the school system to get both drivers and buses who worked the lots Friday night and returned to work again on Saturday.

Floyd’s bus drivers will be needed again Sunday to help with the festival’s last day.

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10 thoughts on “FloydFest becomes MudFest — Especially in the parking lots”

  1. We paid $410 for one night of camping. Of that one night, it took us hours to get oarked and shuttled to the festival and going back to the parking lot? Forget it . We waited another few hours with all out stuff. Lack of water too. Terrible organization…. Thank god we have a subaru or we would be stuck in the Alpha lot still.

  2. Having gone to Floyd for many years now I was very disappointed by the entire parking fiasco. It has gotten too big for me and very unorganized. I’ll not go back. Goodbye my favorite festival!

    • Well said Michael. I had been to every Floydfest except the first one held in downtown. Watched it grow till finally in 2011 I had had enough. WAAAYYY to many people for that venue.. Never going back,.

    • The Floyd Fest is not in Floyd, but Patrick Co. I was born and raised in Floyd ( a county I was proud to be a part of in years past ) As I understand, Floyd Co. was ousted of the entire event ( in booths and other ways ) until the need arose for parking issues. I have never went, nor will I ever, so pardon me if any of these statements are not totally accurate. They did, however come from reliable sources.

      • Jeannette:

        Floyd Countians are a major part of FloydFest. Most of the volunteers and the staff live in the county and this year’s festival, as in years past, featured vendors and booths from Floyd County, including Republic of Floyd, Red Rooster Coffee, Green Label clothing, etc. Yes, the farm where the festival is held is in Patrick County but I understand that was a logistical decision made many years ago. The parking situation is something that the festival needs to address along with the pervasive feeling that the changes shortchanged local charities but to say Floyd Countians are excluded from FloydFest is not accurate.

  3. Although the initial parking and gear check in took time to get figured out by afternoon Thursday they had it going very well. They deserve all the credit they can get for making the very best of what could have been very very bad situation, the Floyd community stepped up with buses parking and drivers, that even though they may not have known where they needed to go, they gave their time to make sure you got to our cars. I do agree however that they have gotten to big for the venue and need to scale back the number of tickets to 10k max and all need to be 4 day passes. I think this would help lighten the load. WE SURVIVED FLOYDFEST 12

  4. Went to all 4 days thur was a mess taking us over 2 hours to get in others waited much longer I drove back each day and missed the rain sat getting there late in the evening overall a great time. I think the time has come to move to a more level site may i suggest Martinsville Speedway or an area that can park the numbers coming in to this great event. Love all the great bands looking forward to next year.

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