Big traffic in such a little town

062310trafficA busy day in Floyd.  After working most of the afternoon on my Macbook Pro in a booth by the front window of the Country Store, it seems that every time I have looked out the door traffic is backed up at the town’s one stop light.

It’s that way a lot in our little town these days.  It is not that unusual to take two or three cycles of the stop light to get through the intersection of U.S. 221 (Main Street) and Virginia Rte. 8 (Locust Street) at many times of the day throughout the week.

Leaving the parking lot of the Village Green often requires a right turn because the line of traffic in the southbound lane of Main Street is backed up to much to merge into traffic.

At Food Lion the other night, I was fifth in line trying to leave the parking lot and waited for more than 15 minutes to get to the point where I could pull out onto Main Street.

A lot of traffic.  Question is, where is it all headed?

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    • It is often difficult to pull out of a line of cars when you’re trying to exit a parking lot like Food Lion. As for The Village Green, how, exactly do you propose that one gets from the front parking to the rear? The road that leads there is one way from the rear to the front. I don’t advocate creating a dangerous situation just to save time getting out on a street.

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