Will FloydFest questions arise at Tuesday’s Supervisors meeting?

Parking at the Floyd County Commerce Center during FloydFest.
A Floyd County School bus collects patrons at Commerce Center

On Tuesday, when Floyd County School superintendent Kevin Harris makes his normal report to the Board of Supervisors at their meeting at the County Administration Building he may face questioning from some who question his allowing the use of school buses to help FloydFest out last month.

Emails have circulated among supervisors with questions about the use of school buses to help when the festival fell behind in getting patrons from offsite parking lots to the event site and then when muddy conditions in those parking lots moved all onsite parking first to the Floyd County High School lot and then to lots at the County Commerce Center.

Some supervisors tell me they have heard from constituents on both sides of the arguments that raged on Facebook during the festival and for days following.

From what we’ve learned, Dr. Harris negotiated a good fee for use of the buses as well as a good salary for drivers.  The school buses required cleaning after the use but no damages were reported.  Some feel Floyd County should have stepped forward to help when drenching rains and other problems surfaced.  Others, whose approach could be considered more parochial, note FloydFest is actually just across the line in Patrick County and that their school system, not Floyd’s, could have been brought in.

Patrick County did pitch in an help, along with farmers near some of the offsite parking lots, who brought in tractors to help pull out cars that were stuck but it was Floyd that provided the much-needed remote parking and transportation.  FloydFest is a Floyd event put on by a Floyd company with many Floyd County employees and volunteers and one that brings much-needed business to the area.

It is a debate that continues now over breakfast tables at the Blue Ridge Restaurant and most likely will surface at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, which begins at 8:30 a.m.

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