More debate over FloydFest

080211floydfest8As my story in today’s Floyd Press reports, more questions about FloydFest — and particularly whether or not the event is actually a Floyd operation run by a Floyd company — emerged at Tuesday’s meeting of the county Board of Supervisors.

At issue is the registration with Virginia for Across the Way Productions, Inc., the company that technically owns and runs FloydFest.  Although the company has operated in offices in and around Floyd for the last dozen or so years, the registration lists it as Montgomery County operation with a Pilot address that is actually the home of controlling partners Kris Hodges and Erika Johnson.

Said Board Chairman Case Clinger:

Are they a Floyd County business?  Technically, all we have on file is that they are a Montgomery County business and they put on a show in Patrick County and call it FloydFest.

More questions come from the lack of a town of Floyd business license for the company.  Although their offices in 2012 and 2013 were on Main Street in Floyd, Town Manager Lance Terpenny could not find any record of a business license for the Across the Way Productions for the last two years.

Responds FloydFest partner Erika Johnson:

AtWP stays current with all business and tax laws per direction from the area’s top legal and accounting firms, and are up to date with licenses and taxes per those directives. Moreover, FloydFest makes an obvious significant economic impact on the local economy every year. We decline any further comment as we are currently involved with managing The Virginia Wine Festival at Great Meadow.

Critics of the festival say it is not a Floyd County event because it is held on a farm in Patrick County, not Floyd County.  Supporters argue that while logistically it is located in Patrick County, it is an event that benefits Floyd and is run by a Floyd County company.  Revelations that the company is actually registered as a Montgomery County operation might be a blow to those who support the festival against critics.

A review of past registrations for Blue Cow, the original FloydFest entity, and then Across The Way Productions LLC, show a Floyd address for the company but the last registration established Across the Way Inc. as the controlling entity with the Pilot address.  Because of this, Montgomery County courts handle legal cases involving the company.

Floyd County Supervisors wants FloydFest officials to come to the August meeting of the board to answer the questions directly.  The chairman, Clinger, wants any documentation that shows Across the Way is a Floyd County company, proof of any and all charitable contributions and proof of what revenue goes to the county or town.

And the beat goes on.

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4 thoughts on “More debate over FloydFest”

  1. Gee, is this a witch hunt I am seeing here? Nothing but more liberal press crap. I have seen nothing but animosity towards the Floyd Fest and the owners by you this year, why is that? Is it because you don’t like success? Or maybe you just don’t like anything anymore. You have chosen to lambast this great)event with innuendos and in some cases down right lies. So tell us Mr. Blogger, why do are you so down on Floyd Fest?
    And for the record, I have never been to Floyd Fest, I can’t afford it to be frank. But all I hear from you is garbage in, garbage out.

    Russ Abbey

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