Ken Cuccinelli: Running on his record…which one?

Ken Cuccinelli: 'Hands up and assume the position'
Ken Cuccinelli: 'Hands up and assume the position'
Ken Cuccinelli: ‘Hands up and assume the position’

Recent polls suggest Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is on an increasing downhill slide among Virginia voters in the upcoming governor’s race.

A roundup of recent polls by RealClearPolitics.Com shows Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Cuccinelli an average of 45.3 percent to 38.3 percent.

It seems voters are taking a hard look at the questions surrounding the Attorney General and they don’t like what they see.

Cuccinelli tried to avert some of his accumulated political problems by announcing that he was donating the money he received from ethics-challenged Jonnie Williams of Star Scientific to charity, claiming that it was the “right thing to do.”

Actually, the “right thing to do” would have been to never accept the tarnished money to begin with and to go after Williams and his questionable business practices and tax evading schemes rather than crawling into bed with him and enjoying the spoils of lavish contributions, expensive gifts and sleepovers at his Smith Mountain Mansion.

But Cuccinelli, whose current top makes him the top law enforcement officer in Virginia, doesn’t think the law applies to him or his actions.  He ignores freedom of information requests filed with his office by various media organizations and other groups, shacks up with political contributors and lies about his actions.

Fundraising figures show many GOP fatcat donors are staying away from the ethics challenged Attorney General.  A recent report shows three fifths of the donors who backed incumbent Republican governor Bob McDonnell are avoiding Cuccinelli or working against him.

With luck, the voters of Virginia will send him packing in November.

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