So much crime in our little rural home county

Sign of the times

092013crimeFor the third straight week, crime has led the news stories that I have produced for the Floyd Press and has dominated the front page of the paper.

So much for quiet and peaceful life in the county.

For two weeks running the focus on crime has been on child pornography charges against two well known local citizens and the investigation into a third, who served on the county’s Electoral Board.  He has resigned but the investigation in continuing.

This week, one of my two crime stories on page one of the paper concerned a county woman who entered guilty pleas to eight counts of embezzlement of funds from the businesses owned by a Christiansburg couple who owns Marshall Nurseries in Floyd and other concerns. It involve the theft of a quarter of a million dollars.

Every week, Circuit Judge Marc Long sentences county residents to serious prison time for crimes that involve drugs (primarily crystal meth), burglaries, assaults and even cattle rustling.

What the heck is going on Floyd County?

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  1. Also don’t forget the man impersonating a policeman! Scary things going on in our little community! And to think I used to be able to tell my children when they were small, “we don’t have to worry about things like that in Floyd” They are now teenagers and I find myself warning them about things that happen “even in Floyd”. What a difference a few short years make. And oh so sad!

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