Cuccinelli: A scandal a day keeps the governor’s mansion away?

Ken Cuccinelli: A scandal a day keeps the governor's mansion away?
Ken Cuccinelli: A scandal a day keeps the governor's mansion away?
Ken Cuccinelli

With scandal-scarred Republican attorney general Ken Cuccinelli‘s campaign for governor falling fast, even Republicans are worried that the heir apparent to the seat currently held by the equally scandal-laden governor Bob McDonnell might lose to a Democrat who wouldn’t have a chance of winning in a normal election.

Says outgoing Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, a Republican who actually tries to be a moderate from time to time, in an interview with Politico:

Clearly, this is not just the most conservative, but the most ideologically-driven ticket that the Republican Party has ever put forth. There are a lot of Republicans, like me, very concerned about the direction of the party. We believe for the Republican Party to be a viable party in Virginia, we’ve got be a more mainstream party and communicate a more mainstream message.

Politico quoted Bolling in a piece “Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor’s race,” by Mike Allen recently.  Other pundits agree that Cuccinelli and most felt he would win easily.

While the election is still more than a month away and campaigns can swing rapidly in the political world, most thought Cuccinelli would have an easy time against Terry McAuliffeM a former fundraiser for Bill Cliton and chairman of the Democratic National Committee with a checkered past that make him, in Allen’s words, “a walking negative ad.”

But Cuccinelli turned out to be even more of a tailor-made negative magnet with his questionable and ethics-challenged ties to the shady activities of Star Scientific honcho Jonnie Williams and his staunch support of ultra-right wing issues that many feel would drive Virginia back into the stone age.

“It’s going to be a bath,” one prominent state Republican told Politico.  Others who belong to the party of the elephant tell use the same thing. Polls show McAuliffe with as much as an 18 point lead and the margin keeps increasing as election day draws near.

Former Virginia Gov. Linwood Holton, who made history in 1970 as the first Republican since reconstruction to win the commonwealth’s highest job, leads more than 30 members of the GOP who support McAuliffe over Cuccinelli.

Here in Floyd County, several Republicans tell us they can’t bring themselves to vote for McAuliffe but they might vote for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis, who has about 10 percent of the vote in recent polls.

On August 30, University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato switch his prognostication on the race from “toss up” to “lean Democratic.”


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