Parkway faces closure if government shuts down at midnight

The Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway
The Blue Ridge Parkway

If the American government shuts down tonight, the first place we will most likely see the effects of that shutdown will be the Blue Ridge Parkway, where places like Mabry Mill will close, campers will be given notice to pack up and leave and the gates that blocks many parts of the roadway will go up.

The Parkway, a source of traffic to tourism-dependent Floyd and other areas, will be closed as the area heads into the fall color season.

Even though Mabry Mill’s Restaurant is run by a private contractor, National Park Service has ordered it closed if a budget deal is not reached by midnight.  Closing of the Parkway could also cause problems for those who use the road for daily transportation.

Other effects will be felt if the shutdown continues and the increasing possibility of a debt default next month could mean a half to Social Security and other checks that many depend on for survival.

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3 thoughts on “Parkway faces closure if government shuts down at midnight”

  1. way to go GOP…you just push your AGENDA, that’s what’s most important…and I forget, did even ONE Republican show up for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington? Oh, that’s right, not one. But don’t worry folks, they have your interests at heart…except the GOP has no heart, or soul.

  2. That’s about the goofiest thing I’ve heard in a while maybe you don’t realize the knuckle heads in charge, spending Trillions are democrats , the GOP are the guys trying to stop this insane spending,
    just one example ==do you realize Obamer is putting 80 BILLION dollars a month in the stock market just to hold it up and keep it from crashing during his term, it will adjust one day when we stop putting crazy money into foolish things, you better wake up we cannot keep spending like this forever. GOP is trying to stop this crazy mess.

    ashame Parkway will close Doug but it has been operating on the same budget that it had 30 years ago that cannot just keep on either .
    I don’t think other Government leaders would have let it get to this point myself, people vote these knuckle heads back in office then blame it on others pretty wild isn’t it.
    There are not many prettier places then the Parkway in the East for sure, just beautiful.
    hope your well Doug

  3. Wow,
    bob, what are you smoking? Obama and the stock market? Oh yeah. Did you also know that he and Michele do a special dance every night, out in the dark on the White House lawn just to keep America down, because more than anything else, he secretly wants the country to fail, as do all Democrats? I read about it on the internet…

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