During government shutdown, you can still drive the Parkway but attractions are closed

100210parkwayThe National Park Service has decided to not put up the gates that would completely close the Blue Ridge Parkway during the government shutdown that began at midnight Monday.

Attractions on the Parkway will remain closed but the road itself will be open as the region heads into the fall leaf season.

“The mother road will be open,” Parkway chief Ranger Steve Stinnett tells the Roanoke Times.

But while you can drive the Parkway, don’t plan on stopping to eat at Mabry Mill or Peaks of Otter.  They are closed and will remain closed until Congress passes some kind of “continuing resolution” to fund the government.

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  1. This is an embarassment for all Americans! Our elected leaders cannot do their jobs and thus impact all of us! This is disgrace!

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