Remembering Stephanie and Trey Weeks

Stephanie and Trey Weeks with daughter Amarynn.
Stephanie and Trey Weeks with daughter Amarynn.
Stephanie and Trey Weeks with daughter Amarynn.

Stephanie Weeks of Blacksburg was one of many who sent wishes for recovery last year when a motorcycle accident left me with multiple broken bones, severe facial injuries and a brain injury.

Stephanie, who graduated of Floyd County High School 30 years after I did, contacted me after my release from the hospital and during my trips to the New River Valley Valley for physical therapy and rehab.  She told me about an accident she and her husband, Trey, suffered in South Carolina in 2003.  The crash left both with serious injuries and Trey had fought back from brain trauma.

Both surprised doctors with their recovery.  Their experiences helped me cope with the long comeback road I faced.  We talked at length about what it takes to recover.

She wanted to know if I intended to get back on a motorcycle.  They did, going to a three-wheeler because of limits to Trey after the 2003 accident, and both loved riding.  I said my return depends first on recovery.  Balance issues currently keep me form getting a clearance to ride again and if, and when, that is resolved, I will make a decision.

Despite the hardships they faced, both has an incredible optimistic outlook on life.  They planned a trip this year to Myrtle Beach, their destination when the accident occurred in 2003.

On Friday, Stephanie was riding with Trey northbound on the U.S. 17 bypass when something happened and the motorcycle went off the road, through the medium and into the southbound lane, colliding with an SUV.

Trey, 42, died Friday, Stephanie, 36,  passed in the hospital on Saturday.  The two occupants of the SUV were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.

When I heard about the accident from Floyd County Sheriff’s Department and pastor Jeff Dalton Saturday, I drove over to Rakes Mill Pond on the Blue Ridge Parkway and sat by the pond with tears steaming down my face.  I kept asking: “Why?”  They faced the horrors 10 years ago and survived.  Why again?

Stephanie talked about the struggles to relearn things that used to be automatic in life.  Her face had to be rebuilt, as did mine, and we faced often daunting trials and tribulations of recovery.

Now they are gone.  Since coming home from the hospital late last year, I have seen too many friends and acquaintances die without warning and too often without reason.  The doctors told my wife that I would probably die from my injuries.  They were surprised I didn’t and still express surprise today that I have recovered to the point I have.

Stephanie and Trey were fellow survivors.

Stephanie provided much help and support when it was needed.  I hoped to pay her back in some way for that help in the future.

Now she’s gone.

Godspeed Stephanie and Trey.  Maybe, someday, I can find a way to help those left behind.

It is a debt I owe to you and one that will be repaid.

Memorial Fundraiser site for the Weeks family

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8 thoughts on “Remembering Stephanie and Trey Weeks”

  1. We were best friends in high school. He was always so careful. I remember his mother would drive us around on a Friday night just to be safe.We lived a couple houses from each other , one time I went to his back window late at night his dad popped out of the back door with a magnum 44 I put my hands in the air Trey always thought that was the funniest he’s ever seen . My mom used to say that when Trey wanted something he would develop tunnel vision. At Elon I would drive to Radford to bring him to N.C. to hang out over the weekend his father wouldn’t let him drive sometimes I think his dads putting limitations on Trey made him feel caged. I just made contact with him on Facebook we didn’t chat I regret that . I had a best die from electrocution from hitting a pole last month I had lost touch except, on FB. I guess my point is take time to reach out to people you care about before it’s to late

    • John hey taking your advice yes you two were great friends and we created one ourselves one also with crazy thing we did in Philly. He was so positive after the accident and didn’t allow things to get him down. He knew he was blessed. I’ll miss him, I would always see him on the way to McCoy with him and his family outside. He will be missed. Keep in touch John and hope to see you soon.

  2. Why would parents of a young child ride without helmets? Actually, I cannot fathom why ANYONE ride without a helmet. Just because there is no against it in SC does not make it a good decision. BTW, I am commenting re their lack of helmets based on numerous news reports re the accident.

  3. Thank you so much for this article. If only everyone could understand their view on life as you did. I am also a fellow motorcycle rider, family friend and the one who created the memorial fund for them. Thank you so much for sharing!! I have seen several articles with comments regarding why this and why that. So many to judge their decisions in life. These were loving people with a passion for riding and an outlook of never giving up on anything.

    • Well said, Lori. These two had already been through so much. We don’t understand why things like this happen, but they do. The family and friends that they left behind need all the love and support that they can get. I cannot imagine the feelings of loss that they are experiencing. We have no guarantees of another second on this earth. Thoughts and prayers for all of them.

  4. I’m heart broken over the loss of fellow riders that were so dedicated that even after a previous terrible accident were determined to return to the road. It is difficult for those that do not ride to comprehend the feeling of freedom and spirituality that one experiences when on the open road. We all make decisions daily that can impact our lives and this is simply a terrible accident and nothing else. No blame recreates life and I pray that their beautiful child will continue to receive all the love that it is obvious her parents showered her with on a daily basis. Say a prayer thanking your God for life and those around you that make it complete. I will say my own tonight and thank him for this wonderful life while remembering these two souls.

  5. John and George I am sure a lot of people have fond memories of Trey and Stephanie. Trey and I became friends through years of coming up in the ranks of Radford City Schools. He had an infectious laugh and that smile was killer. We graduated from Radford High the same year, 1987 and went on to Radford University that Fall. In high school Trey was so “goofy” and always playing jokes on me. We attended a summer program together at Radford University to prepare us for college life…..Trey spent time developing those “guns” lol We started off close friends at RU but soon took our separate paths. About 5 yrs ago Trey and I met up again at the Rec Center in Radford. We talked for a while in the parking lot & I rediscovered my high school friend. He had a twinkle in his eye when he told me about his wife Stephanie and I could tell he still had a heart of gold. Trey told me he had given his life to the Lord and he was dedicated to getting his body back in line and focusing on having a baby. He, Stephanie and parents came to my church and spoke to the youth there. Long story short when they found out about Amarynn they were on cloud nine just as anyone who knew them was. I don’t understand or even pretend to have the knowledge to know why what happened did. I can only say, farewell to two beautiful souls who are gone too soon and do my part to make sure my friends dream, little Ms. Amarynn Weeks, has a wonderful life in his absence. Stephanie and Trey you will be missed. Prayers going forth for the family.

  6. I had the pleasure of working with Trey in the Virginia Department of Corrections. He was a wonderful and caring person and he didn’t let anything stop him in life. I knew him when he had his first accident, and I am very aware of the trials that the family faced from that. And here we are again ten years later and the same fate happened to such wonderful people,only this time taking their life and leaving behind a beautiful little girl. Life is not fair, and it is not for us to understand why things happen as they do. All, I know is that my friend is gone, and a little angel is without parents. Trey and Stephanie you will be missed beyond measure. My prayers go out to little Ms. Amarynn and her family.

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