Fake cop is not offering a blue light special

101013bluelightThe fake cop that is pulling over drivers in Floyd County and other areas struck again this past weekend, posing as an unmarked police car with a blue light on his sun visor to stop a car during the daytime.

The phony officer, driving what has been described as a Ford Mustang or a Toyota Camry, has stopped at least 10 drivers in the county and has also been reported pulling the same stunt in Montgomery and Grayson Counties.

Drivers are advised that if an unmarked car with a blue light on the sun visor tries to stop them, they should drive, within speed limits, to the Sheriff’s Office in Floyd or the nearest police station if in another area.

Another option is to drive to a near area where people are gathered, like a convenience store.

In Floyd County, one state trooper drives an unmarked navy blue Chevy Impala while the Sheriff’s Department has a black Chevy and a white Ford Crown Victoria as unmarked vehicles.  No Camrys or Mustangs for either department.

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4 thoughts on “Fake cop is not offering a blue light special”

    • Heather, as noted above, the car has been identified as either a Toyota Camry or a Ford Mustang or something of a similar size. Because most of the incidents have been at night, a full description and/or identification has been confirmed and, for course, it is possible that he is using more than one car. One Virginia State Trooper in the county drives a navy blue Chevy and the sheriff’s department’s unmarked cars are a black Chevy and a white Ford Crown Victoria.

  1. Oh, sorry I didn’t read the whole article this time, and didn’t notice the car description!! The article does say, though, that he’s done it during the daytime so I was wondering if any of the victims have given a description of the person. Regardless, I haven’t been pulled over by a marked or unmarked policeman so will definitely call 911 if anything like this happens to me. I may also go back to carrying a camera with me in my purse. Hope he gets caught soon. Many thanks for the reply.

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