Let the Cards fall where they may

The late, great Stan Musial
The late, great Stan Musial
The late, great Stan Musial

Lots of ups and down at Chateau Thompson lately as the mood of the house is determined by either the performance or lack of performance of the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Wife Amy is a hard-core Cardinal fan, something one might expect from a woman born and raised in the St Louis area.  When people see the collection of autographed baseballs on one of our living room shelves, the mistakenly assume I’m the baseball fan.

Wrong. They belong to Amy and every one of them, raging from one signed by Brooklyn Dodger pitch Carl Erskine (along with an original card) to the coveted ones of Stan Musial and Bob Gibson, were obtained from the masters and not from any memorabilia convention.

Amy is a lifelong fan of baseball.  I lived and worked in the St. Louis area for several years before attending my first Cardinal baseball game to actually watch a game and not photograph the activities for a paper.  I did have the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Musial, Gibson and other Cardinal greats.

If the Cardinals win, the house will be a happy place.

If they lose, I will keep my head low and my mouth shut for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Let the Cards fall where they may”

  1. My team isn’t in it but I’m on your side, Amy…long ago switched allegiance from the American League to the National. Can’t stand that crazy DH thing…also had a Stan Musial glove once, long ago.

    Go Cards!

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