So much propaganda, so little truth

110113propagandaMercifully, Virginia voters will go to the polls next Tuesday and vote in local and state elections.

Local elections won’t mean much in Floyd County because both supervisors up for renewal are running unopposed and the school board races haven’t generated that much excitement either.

At the state level, the tidal wave of negative advertizing in the governor’s race has filtered down into lower races as well, leaving voters numb from all the propaganda that has flooded television, the Internet and mailboxes.

Sadly, most of what is being passed around as “truth” is, in fact, propaganda.

Buddies and paid proponents of ethics-challenged Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is in what many see as a losing effort to win the governor’s race, are using Facebook to push propaganda instead of truth.  So are those who support Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who in our opinion is just as unqualified a candidate for governor as Cuccinelli.

A favorite ploy is to post links to propaganda web sites that masquerade as news outlets.   This morning, many who logged on to Facebook found a link to a Cuccineilli puff piece, disguised as an “article” published by Newsmax, a conservative propaganda organization based in West Palm Beach, Florida, founded conservative partisan Chris Ruddy and funded by ultra-right publishing magnate Richard Mellon Scaife.

Forbes in 2009 called Newsmax “the great right hope” of the Republican Party and the organization has pulled out all the stops to try and help Cuccinelli.  Some involved in the Newsmax operation are also listed as contributors to Cuccinelli’s campaign.

We can expect something from a partisan Democratic web site to be posted in favor of McAuliffee.

Sadly, this is just another example of the use of technology to spread misinformation in an election campaign that is far too short on truth and far too long on propaganda.  In this election, voters need truth to help them make decisions, not propaganda.

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