A 36-year-old soccer mom who drove the wrong way on Taconic State Parkway in New York was drunk and stoned on a Sunday afternoon when she crashed into an SUV, killing herself, four children in her minivan, and three men in the SUV she crashed into.

Toxicology reports on Diane Schuler show she drank at least 10 vokda drinks and smoked marijuana right before climbing into the minivan and turning the wrong way onto the multi-lane road.

The New York Post reports:

Schuler had a blood-alcohol content of .19 percent — more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent, authorities said. She also had 6 grams of undigested booze in her stomach, they said.

In addition, the West Babylon resident had "a high number" — 113 nanograms per milliliter — of THC, the active component of marijuana, in her bloodstream, said Betsy Spratt, chief toxicologist with the Westchester DA’s Office.

That indicated Schuler smoked pot 15 minutes to one hour before the crash, Spratt said.

With the alcohol alone, Schuler, 36, "would have had difficulty with perception, with her judgment, with her memory," Spratt said. "Around that level of alcohol, you also start to get tunnel vision."

When combined with marijuana, "those effects are intensified," she said.

Schuler’s husband, Nassau County public-safety officer Daniel Schuler, has told police that his wife occasionally smoked pot and was a social drinker, WCBS-TV reported.

As a cynical, hard-boiled newspaperman, I don’t shock easily but this story shook me to the core. The wife of a public safety officer smoked pot with his knowledge and had enough of a drinking problem to get wasted before driving off with children in her van and he calls her a "social drinker?"

I lost loved ones when a trucker, driving stoned on grass without the extra intoxication of booze, wandered into the oncoming lane of traffic. The next time some stoner gets in my face and tells me that smoking grass is harmless, I’ll try to resist the urge to lose my temper. Hopefully, I will have enough self-control to just walk away.


  1. I agree every time “Twelve years in Virginia” writes he/she is putting Doug or the citizens of this county down. Its like he/she lives to disagree and lives sitting on the computer waiting to be able to do that..I think if you are going to be so strong on your opinions and putting others down you shouldn’t hide!!

  2. My mother’s dear friend lost her husband in the wee hours on a weekday morning as he was driving to work. He was hit by a a man drunk out of his mind. Nearly 5 years later to the day, this woman lost her daughter who was on her way to a festival to a drunk driver. What are the odds? The accidents were in 69 and 74.
    In 2000, my mother’s friend was hit head on by a driver stoned on pot. She survived.
    I personally don’t care if people drink themselves into a coma, or smoke pot until the cows come home. Is it too much to ask that they stay off the road?

  3. [ …”The next time some stoner gets in my face and tells me that smoking grass is harmless, I’ll try to resist the urge to lose my temper. Hopefully, I will have enough self-control to just walk away.”…]

    NOTHING Doug, in and of itself, is harmful until it falls within reach of an irresponsible person.

    [with regard to] ..”I write what I feel and I have the guts to do so under my own name with my personal history published on this web site for all too see.”..

    I write what I think. I feel with my hands. Like you, I use words. My biography, pedigree, shoe size and “my own name” should be as irrelevant to you as yours is to me. None of the above will change any of the dictionary meanings of the alphabetical symbols we both use in an attempt to communicate our respective ideas. In your case, “feelings”. Will you be requesting an 8×10 glossy photograph next? You have my word, it won’t help.

  4. …but the readers of this web site deserve to know the identity of those who hide behind anonymous screen names and spews verbal diarrhea. Your gmail account is also a typical ploy of those who are afraid of public disclosure. You don’t even have the decency to use your name there.

    I’m used to such tactics. It’s one of the prices of running a web site and I run quite a few. I see hit-and-run attackers like you come and go. You will tire of this soon enough and move on or you will do something that triggers the spam filters here and that will be the end of it.

  5. From the time “Twelve years in Virginia” began posting comments he (or she) has been condescending about the Old Dominion and its residents.

    So much willingness to speak out but so little courage in standing behind those opinions by letting us know who he or she is.

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