102304leaves.jpgFall. Autumn. Time of changes. Time of color. Leaves change color and fall (hence the name).

Time for the World Series, a big deal in our home because Amy is from the St. Louis area and a lifelong Cardinals fan. I’d like to see the Red Sox win it all so we don’t discuss the series.

Time for make or break time in NASCAR’s chase for the championship. The stockers visit Martinsville this weekend and the race remains a rare bright spot in a town devastated by the loss of furniture manufacturing jobs.

Time for an election, this season the once-every-four-years battle for the White House. A bitter campaign comes to an end but the election in 2000 taught us that some elections don’t end when the ballots are counted or even recounted. Will this Presidential election be decided in the voting booth or the courtroom? In the fall of 2004, we can only hold our breath and wait.

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